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I draw this painting and it has a lot of meaning in it , Yes, it’s heartbreaking and sad , but i like this

We do a lot of things in our lives, good or bad , And we get to know a lot of people ,

And we make a lot of decisions , Life is made with our decisions and choices , Choosing a friend, choosing a job, choosing a husband ,A lot of things will happen to us , And we will need someone at that time , Like a good friend , in times of hardship Be with us .

So be careful about our choices

Painting and brush

With a brush we can draw whatever we like, Good things or bad .

i chose good

Painting is a good way to express the truth , Events that nobody knows about them, By portraying them, we can inform the world, This is a good way , And I want to step in this way.

The Journey Begins

Hi my friends , welcome to my site

my name is yasin and im from afghanistan
It’s not long since I became interested to painting,
And now I’m interested  to painting and color
And from time to time I painting, I’m painting for about 2 years .Not professionally I’m amateur، And I’m trying to be professional،  like picasso ,  I will work hard  ،And I hope you enjoy my paintings


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